A.   Officers: Each year the commission shall elect a chairman, a vice chairman and a secretary, and may create and fill such other offices as it may deem necessary. The term of the chairman, vice chairman, and secretary shall be one year.
   B.   Rules: The planning commission shall adopt rules for the transaction of business and regulations necessary to effectuate the purpose of title 11 of this code. (1992 Code § 12-103)
   C.   Quorum: Three (3) members of the planning commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Any action taken shall be official when concurred by not less than a majority of all appointed members of the planning commission entitled to vote. (1992 Code § 12-102)
   D.   Technical Staff: The planning commission, subject to approval of the city council, shall have the power and authority to employ planners, engineers, attorneys, clerks and other help deemed necessary within the limits of the appropriation fixed by the city council. The salary and compensation of such employees shall be fixed by the city council and shall be paid out of the city treasury as for other officers and employees. (1992 Code § 12-104)