A.   Hazardous Conditions Generally: It is unlawful for the owner or occupant of property abutting upon a sidewalk or sidewalk area to permit the sidewalk or sidewalk area adjacent to the property to become a hazard to persons using the sidewalk or sidewalk area.
   B.   Obstructions: It is unlawful for any person to allow any obstruction of any kind to accumulate in the sidewalk in front of his premises. All owners and occupants of property are required to keep their premises and the sidewalks, gutters, streets and alleys adjacent thereto free from weeds, trash and all obstructions and to remove such weeds, trash and obstructions from such places.
   C.   Refuse Deposits: It is unlawful to deposit, throw or sweep into or upon a street, alley, parking or sidewalk of the city any trash, weeds, tree trimmings, dirt or any other refuse of any kind. (1992 Code § 14-110)