A.   Prohibited: Except as otherwise provided in this code 1 , it is unlawful for any person to display any goods, wares or merchandise for sale, or to sell the same, on any street, alley or sidewalk, or from any vehicle parked thereon, in the corporate limits of the city. Each separate sale or offer to sell in violation hereof shall constitute a separate offense.
   B.   Sales From Vehicles: Any vehicle parked on the streets, alleys or sidewalks for the purpose of making merchandise available for sale by the methods prohibited by this section shall be promptly moved by the driver upon order of the police of the city, and if not promptly moved, the same shall be towed from such location upon order of the police department, and the driver or custodian of the vehicle shall also be deemed guilty of an offense.
   C.   Separate Offenses: In each instance where an individual is guilty of an offense under the provisions of this section, the person for whom such individual is acting in the capacity of an agent or employee shall be guilty of a separate offense. (1992 Code § 14-104)



1. See title 4, chapter 4, "Peddlers, Solicitors And Itinerant Vendors", and subsection 7-4-4H4 of this code.