For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   EXCHANGE ACCESS FACILITY.  The access from a particular telephone subscriber's premises to the telephone system of a service supplier. EXCHANGE ACCESS FACILITIES includes service supplier provided access lines, PBX trunks and centrex network access registers, all as defined by tariffs of telephone companies as approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. EXCHANGE ACCESS FACILITIES do not include service supplier owned and operated telephone pay station lines, or Wide Area Telecommunications Service (WATS), Foreign Exchange (FX) or incoming only lines.
   911 CHARGE.  A contribution to the local government for the 911 service start-up equipment costs, subscriber notification costs, addressing costs, billing costs, and nonrecurring and recurring installation, maintenance, service, and network charges of a service supplier providing 911 service pursuant to G.S. §§ 62A-1 et seq.
   911 SYSTEM or 911 SERVICE.  An emergency telephone system that provides the user of the public telephone system the ability to reach a public safety answering point by dialing the digits 911. The terms 911 SYSTEM or 911 SERVICE also includes ENHANCED 911 SERVICE which means an emergency telephone system that provides the user of the public telephone system with 911 service, and, in addition, directs 911 calls to appropriate public safety answering points by selective routing based on the geographical location from which the call originated and provides the capability for automatic number identification and automatic location identification features.
   PUBLIC SAFETY TELEPHONE ACT.  G.S. §§ 62A-1 et seq.
   SERVICE SUPPLIER.  A person or entity who provides exchange telephone service to a telephone subscriber.
   TELEPHONE SUBSCRIBER or SUBSCRIBER.  A person or entity to whom exchange telephone service, either residential or commercial, is provided and in return for which the same person or entity is billed on a monthly basis. When the same person, business, or organization has several telephone access lines, each exchange access facility shall constitute a separate subscription.
(G.S. § 62A-3(9))  (Ord. passed 2-8-90)
Editor’s note:
   This section references G.S. §§ 62A-1 et seq. and 62A-3(9) which were repealed in 2007.