Pursuant to G.S. § 160A-374, the approval of a plat shall not be deemed to constitute or effect the acceptance by the town or public of the dedication of any street or other ground, public utility line, or other public facility shown on the plat. However, the Town Council may by resolution accept any dedication made to the public of lands or facilities for streets, parks, public utility lines or other public purposes when the lands or facilities are located within its subdivision regulation jurisdiction. Acceptance of dedication of lands or facilities located within the subdivision regulation jurisdiction but outside the corporate limits of the town shall not place on the town any duty to open, operate, repair or maintain any street, utility line or other land or facility, and the town shall in no event be held to answer in any civil action or proceeding for failure to open, repair or maintain any street located outside its corporate limits.
(Ord. passed 9-8-83; Am. Res. passed 4-8-10)