For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ANIMAL.  Any animal, other than a cat or dog, being wild or domestic, endowed with ability of voluntary motion.
   ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER.  The Chief of Police or his or her designee on any given shift of duty.
   ANIMAL CONTROL SHELTER.  The Brunswick County Animal Control Shelter.
   AT LARGE.  Off the premises of the owner, when neither under the control of the owner or some other person assuming responsibility for the owner.
   CAT.  A domestic feline of either sex, regardless of age.
   CONTROL.  An animal that:
      (1)   Is leashed; or
      (2)   Is physically capable of hearing normal commands and is, at the time under consideration, within reasonable proximity to the controller so that shouting or excessively loud commands are not necessary and has been adequately trained in obedience to be capable of understanding control commands; and either continually demonstrates or is able to demonstrate on demand, response to a command that will cause the animal to immediately come into close proximity to the controller and cease any kind of aggressive behavior or action that would be offensive to other persons or animals.
   DANGEROUS OF VICIOUS ANIMAL.  Any animal which has attacked one or more persons causing bodily harm and verified by the Health Director or the Director's agent.  Upon verification, an Animal Control Officer shall give written notice to the owner that his or her animal has been classified dangerous or vicious.
   DOG.  A domestic canine of either sex, regardless of age.
   IMPOUNDMENT.  To take custody of an animal, under legal authority, in a confined area or pen.
   LOST.  An animal, reported by its owner, to be off the owner's property and whereabouts unknown.
   OWNER.  Any person owning, keeping, or harboring an animal, and for the purposes hereof, the head of the household shall be presumed to be the owner in respect to any animal owned, kept, or harbored by any persons residing in such household and kept on the premises within the town.  The OWNER shall be responsible for the actions of his animal.
   PUPPY.  A dog between birth and four to five months old, before the permanent teeth appear.
   QUARANTINE.  To confine an animal, under legal authority, to prevent specifically a suspected rabid animal's contact with other animals or humans.
   RABID.  An animal infected with the animal virus rhabdovirus.  The existence of infection is ascertained by a trained person observing fanatical behavior or a frothing at the jaws.  Determination is made by laboratory analysis of the severed, intact animal head (maintained on ice but not frozen) for viral antigen or Negri bodies.
   RESTRAINT OF VICIOUS OR DANGEROUS ANIMAL.  A vicious or dangerous animal is under restraint within the meaning of this chapter if it is:
      (1)   Controlled by a leash;
      (2)   On or within any vehicle being driven or parked on the street and unable to bite persons outside the vehicle; or
      (3)   Confined within the property limits of the owner or keeper.
   STRAY.  An AT LARGE animal.
   VACCINATION.  The administration of rabies vaccine by a licensed veterinarian approved by the U.S. Bureau of Animal Industry, the state Department of Agriculture, and the state Commission of Health Services, and required by G.S. § 130A-185.
   WILD ANIMALS.  Any animal which:
      (1)   Is typically found in a non-domesticated state and which, because of its size, physical characteristics or vicious propensities shall pose a potential danger to persons, domesticated animals or property; or
      (2)   Is classified as a wild animal by the state Wildlife Resources Commission.  Wild animals typically located within town limits are alligator, bear, bobcat, deer, raccoon, possum, fox and otter.
(Am. Res. passed  - - ; Am. Res. passed 6-12-08 )