The Board shall provide for the appointment of a Finance Officer, whose duties shall be to:
   (A)   Supervise the keeping of the books and accounts of the town;
   (B)   Receive and disburse all monies to the town as required under state law;
   (C)   Countersign and pre-audit all checks, drafts, contracts, purchase orders, or other documents obligating town funds;
   (D)   Report to the Board concerning the finances of the town, as they may require;
   (E)   Maintain all records of the bonded debt of the town and maintain sinking funds;
   (F)   Supervise the investment of idle funds;
   (G)   Assist Administrator/Budget Officer in the task of projecting, developing, working with the annual budget process and maintenance of adopted budget; and
   (H)   Perform other duties assigned by the General Statutes, the Town Charter, or by the Board.
('75 Code, § 1-2-4)  (Am. Res. passed 2-11-10)
Statutory reference:
   Duties of Finance Officer, see G.S. § 159-25
   Fiscal control generally, see G.S. §§ 159-7 et seq.