(A)   Members of the Board may be removed for cause, including violation of the rules stated in divisions (B) through (F).
   (B)   Faithful attendance at all Board meetings and conscientious performance of the duties required of Board members shall considered a prerequisite of continuing membership on the Board.
   (C)   No Board member shall take part in the hearing, consideration, or determination of any case in which they have a direct substantial financial interest.
   (D)   No Board member shall discuss any case with any parties thereto before the public hearing on the case, provided, however, that members may receive and/or seek information pertaining to the case from any other member of the Board, its Secretary, or Clerk before the hearing.
   (E)   No Board member shall vote on any matter that decides an application or appeal unless he has attended the public hearing on that application or appeal.
   (F)   Members of the Board shall not express individual opinions on the proper judgement of any case with any parties thereto before that case is determined. Violation of this rule shall be cause for dismissal from the Board.
   (G)   No member shall participate in or vote on any matter where they have a fixed opinion on a case prior to the hearing.
(Ord. passed 8-25-94; Am. Res. passed 4-8-10)