(A)   I.C. 10-17 authorizes payment, from county funds, of $100 toward future burial costs of veterans and their spouses.
   (B)   The only requirements are that he or she be a resident of the county and that the veteran’s discharge be “Honorable” or “General Under Honorable Conditions.”
   (C)   In order for the county to exercise proper controls of county funds for burial of veterans and their spouses, and for the program to perpetuate county veterans, the following procedures will be used.
      (1)   On behalf of survivors requesting this benefit, the funeral home providing the service for the veteran or spouse will submit a claim for $100 on County Form Number Seven as prescribed by the State Board of Accounts.
      (2)   As proof of entitlement, a copy of the veteran’s discharge, and, in addition, for a spouse, proof of marriage will be attached.
      (3)   In addition, the funeral home will attach a completed veteran’s grave registration card for veterans only.
      (4)   The above documents will be submitted to the County Veterans’ Service Officer for recording, verification, and approval for payment.
      (5)   The County Veterans’ Service Officer will present the claim to the County Auditor for processing for payment, and properly attested as to the proper status of the veteran.
      (6)   The County Veterans’ Service Officer will maintain the file of veterans’ grave registration cards on each veteran’s location of internment in county cemeteries.
      (7)   In conjunction with this procedure, the County Veterans’ Service Officer will administer the funds for this program and will provide the funeral homes with the necessary forms.
(Prior Code, § 110.120) (Approved by the Cass Co. Com., 9-18-1989)
Editor’s notes:
   I.C. 15-5 repealed by P.L. 2, sec. 83, approved 3-5-2008.