(A)   The contractor shall maintain bodily injury, property damage, and worker’s compensation insurance unless properly exempted.
   (B)   The insurance requirements for this chapter are met if the contractor secures and maintains insurance covering all construction or demolition activity by such contractor or under any permit obtained by such contractor; such insurance to include:
      (1)   A bodily injury and property damage insurance policy insuring the contractor, providing for the payment of any liability imposed by law on such contractor arising out of operations performed by, or on behalf of, the registered contractor in minimum amounts of:
         (a)   For any occurrence relative to which there is an injury or death to one or more persons: $1,000,000; and
         (b)   For any occurrence relative to which there is damage to property: $500,000.
      (2)   Worker’s compensation insurance covering the personnel employed by the registered contractor for death or injury arising out of operations; provided that this provision shall not apply if the contractor has no employees and gives appropriate notice to the County Building Commissioner with a properly executed independent contractor affidavit of exemption; and
      (3)   The insurance policies described in division (A) above shall require the insurance carried to give notice both of the registered contractor and to the County Building Commissioner at least ten days before such insurance is either cancelled or not renewed, and the certificate shall state this obligation.
(Ord. 2013-14, passed 12-2-2013)