(A)   Registration and compliance with Oregon Health Authority rules. Marijuana facilities must comply with the registration requirements of the laws of the state and must be in good standing with the Oregon Health Authority. All facilities must comply with all applicable laws and regulations administered by the Oregon Health Authority for facilities.
   (B)   Compliance with other laws. Facilities must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the building and fire codes.
   (C)   Public view into facility. All doorways, windows and other openings shall be located, covered or screened in such a manner to prevent a view into the interior from any exterior public or semipublic area.
   (D)   Odors. Facilities must use an air filtration and ventilation system which, to the greatest extent feasible, confines all objectionable odors associated with the facility to the premises. The standard for judging objectionable odors is that of an average, reasonable person with ordinary sensibilities after taking into account the character of the neighborhood in which the odor is made and detected.
   (E)   Lighting. Facilities must maintain adequate outdoor lighting over each exterior door.
   (F)   On-site use. Marijuana and tobacco products may not be smoked, ingested, consumed, or otherwise used on facility’s premises.
   (G)   On-site manufacturing. Manufacturing or production of any extracts, oils, resins, or similar derivatives of marijuana is prohibited at a facility. Use of open flames or gases in the preparation of any products is prohibited at a facility.
   (H)   Storage and disposal. Outdoor storage of merchandise, raw materials or other materials associated with marijuana use is prohibited. Facilities must securely dispose of marijuana remnants or by-products; marijuana remnants or byproducts may not be disposed of in exterior refuse containers.
   (I)   Home occupation. A facility may not be operated as a home occupation.
(Ord. 439, passed 7-27-15)