(A)   Generally.  The City Council recognizes that changes in program, service, wages, rates, equipment expenses and other factors exist which may require changes in the fees charged for connections to the cable TV system or other monthly service rates. For this reason, changes to this section, relation to connection fees or monthly service fees may be made by resolution of the City Council, which changes shall be effective from and after the date the resolution is enacted. Connection fees shall be paid in advance. All monthly service fees shall be considered as delinquent if not paid by the tenth of the month.
   (B)   Installation fees.
      (1)   Basic service.  An initial installation fee shall be paid by all subscribers for the basic cable television service. This fee provides for one television outlet. Said charges shall include not more than 200 lineal feet of service cable. In the event more than 200 feet of service cable is required, the subscriber will be charged the city’s cost of overhead. Additional outlets may be installed by the city at the cost of materials, labor and overhead for each single television outlet, but not exceeding an additional 50 feet of cable fee each such outlet. For installations requiring more than 50 feet of cable, an additional charge as provided above will be made. Basic cable service shall be required prior to subscription to any premium channel.
      (2)   Commercial subscribers.  Commercial subscribers shall consist of motels, hotels, recreation vehicle parks and other commercial lodging facilities for the purpose of this chapter. Commercial subscribers shall not include residences or apartment buildings.
(Ord. 265, passed 6-28-1989)