2.42.050 Health care benefits board of trustees.
   The City of Casa Grande Health Care Benefits Trust shall be managed by a board of trustees (sometimes referred to herein as “the board”), which is hereby established. The board shall be subject to the following requirements:
   A.   The board shall consist of five trustees, with no more than one member that may be employee of the city, and with no more than one member that may be a councilmember of the city.
   B.   One trustee shall be the city’s finance director, in an ex officio status with full trustee privileges. In the event the position of finance director is vacant, the city manager shall appoint another employee to serve as the ex officio trustee until such time as the position of finance director is filled. One trustee shall be a member of the city council, with such member being appointed by a majority vote of the city council. If no member of the city council is willing or able to serve as a trustee, the council may appoint a member of the public to serve as trustee in place of the councilmember position. The remaining three trustees shall be members of the public, and shall be appointed by the city manager. In selecting the public trustees, the city manager shall give preference in appointment to individuals with experience and expertise in the fields of finance, employee benefits, or health care, and may not appoint a former employee or a former councilmember with the city, unless such employee’s or councilmember’s service terminated at least three years prior to the effective date of the appointment.
   C.   The human resources director shall be a non-voting ex officio member of the board. The human resources director, or designee, shall attend meetings of the board in order to provide information required by the trustees in furtherance of their duties and the purposes of the trust.
   D.   Each trustee shall accept the appointment in writing and shall confirm in writing that the trustee has read the trust and agrees to hold and administer the trust funds in a fiduciary capacity pursuant to the terms of the trust document.
   E.   All trustees shall be bonded in an amount to be approved by the city manager. This requirement may be satisfied by a blanket performance bond or other coverage provided by the city.
   F.   Upon the establishment of the trust, the initial councilmember (or public member if no member of city council is willing to serve as trustee) shall be appointed to a three-year term, and the initial public members shall be appointed such that one trustee serves an initial term of one year, one trustee serves an initial term of two years, and one trustee serves an initial term of three years. Thereafter, each trustee, with the exception of the finance director whose term shall continue throughout the course of their employment, shall serve a three-year term, subject to termination as set forth in this chapter. A trustee may be reappointed to multiple terms as trustee.
   G.   At their first meeting after the establishment of the trust, and at least thirty days prior to the commencement of each plan year thereafter, the trustees shall elect a chairperson, a vice-chair, and a secretary from amongst themselves. The chairperson shall preside over the work of the trustees pursuant to this chapter and the trust document. The vice-chair shall preside in the chairperson’s absence. The secretary shall cause to be maintained accurate records of all actions of the trustees, including minutes from all trustee meetings. The city manager may assign a city employee to act as secretary and keep minutes on behalf of the trust, in which case the employee may attend any meetings of the trustees, but shall have no voting authority.
   H.   The trustees shall meet as required to provide for the orderly and timely administration of the business of the trust and the health benefits plan at such location as may be acceptable to the trustees, but no less than four times per plan year. All meetings shall be called and conducted in accordance with applicable law.
   I.   A quorum shall consist of three trustees.
   J.    Each trustee, other than the human resources director, shall have the ability to make and second motions, and have one vote on all matters coming before the board. All actions by, and decisions of, the trustees shall be by the affirmative vote of a majority of the number of trustees attending a duly called and noticed meeting at which a quorum of trustees is present.
   K.   The term of any trustee shall automatically terminate upon the earliest of the following: death, resignation, removal, failure to attend three consecutive meetings without a motion to excuse the absence of the trustee or expiration of the term of the trustee. In addition to the foregoing, for the finance director position, the termination of employment shall terminate their term as trustee, and for a position filled by a councilmember, the termination of their position as a councilmember shall terminate their term as trustee.
   L.   Upon the recommendation of a majority of the board of trustees, a trustee may be removed upon a showing of good cause during their term. The determination of whether such cause exists shall be made by the city manager for the public members, and by the city council for the city councilmember or public member appointed by the council, after notice to and opportunity to be heard by the affected trustee.
(Ord. 1397.02.14 § 1 (part), 2017)