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Chapter 6
   *State law references—Municipal regulations as to animals, G.S. 160A-182, 160A-186 et seq.; protection of animals, G.S. Ch. 19A; rabies, G.S. 130A-184 et seq.; animal shelters, G.S. 160A-493; animal taxes, G.S. 160A-212; cruelty to animals, G.S. 14-360 et seq.
Article I. In General
Sec. 6-1.   Purpose.
Sec. 6-2.   Jurisdiction.
Sec. 6-3.   Definitions.
Secs. 6-4--6-24. Reserved.
Article II. Administration and Enforcement
Sec. 6-25.   Animal control unit.
Sec. 6-26.   Administration of unit.
Sec. 6-27.   General responsibilities of unit; personal liability of municipal officers, agents, employees.
Sec. 6-28.   Inspection, interference or concealment.
Secs. 6-29--6-59. Reserved.
Article III. Violations
Sec. 6-60.   Bird sanctuary.
Sec. 6-61.   Abandoned animals.
Sec. 6-62.   Chickens, ducklings, rabbits banned from sale; livestock, domestic fowl generally prohibited.
Sec. 6-63.   Exotic or wild animals.
Sec. 6-64.   Defecation on streets and private property.
Sec. 6-65.   Domestic animals at large.
Sec. 6-66.   Confinement of female dogs and cats in estrus.
Sec. 6-67.   Animal abuse prohibited.
Sec. 6-68.   Notification of injury to animal.
Sec. 6-69.   Animal bite; notification.
Sec. 6-70.   Dangerous dogs.
Sec. 6-71.   Nuisance animals.
Sec. 6-71a.   Nuisance bees.
Sec. 6-72.   Lazy Daze, Spring Daze, July 4th Celebration at Regency Park and other designated special events; animals prohibited.
Sec. 6-73.   Rabies inoculation tags.
Secs. 6-74--6-104. Reserved.
Article IV. Reserved
Secs. 6-105--6-131. Reserved.
Article V. Enforcement, Seizure and Impoundment
Sec. 6-132.   Enforcement.
Sec. 6-133.   Citations.
Sec. 6-134.   Seizure and impoundment.
Sec. 6-135.   Periods of impoundment.
Sec. 6-136.   Redemption of impounded animal.
Sec. 6-137.   Disposition of unredeemed animals.
Sec. 6-138.   Summary destruction of animals for humane reasons; summary destruction of animals that cannot be seized by reasonable means.
Sec. 6-139.   Appeals.
Sec. 6-140.   Exemptions.
Sec. 6-141.   Notice.