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Sec. 2-174. Historic Preservation Commission.
New Ordinance Notice:
Publisher's Note: Section 2-174 has been amended by Ord. 2021-CODE-02, approved 6-24-2021, effective 6-25-2021.
   (a)   Membership. The historic preservation commission shall consist of seven members appointed by the town council in accordance with the process set forth in Section 2-163 except as modified herein. All members shall reside within Cary's territorial jurisdiction.  A majority of members shall have demonstrated special interest, experience or knowledge in history, architecture, or related disciplines such as planning, archaeology, landscape architecture, curation, or cultural anthropology. Vacant positions on the board and members who are disqualified from voting on a quasi-judicial matter shall not be considered "members of the board" for calculation of the requisite supermajority if there are no qualified alternates available to take the place of such members.
   (b)   Officers. The town council shall appoint one member to serve as chair.
   (c)   Terms of Office.  Member terms shall be three-year terms in accordance with Section 2-164 except that initial appointments to the newly established seven-member commission will be as follows:  positions 1 and 2 will initially serve a four-year term, with three-year terms being assigned thereafter, positions 3 through 5 will be assigned three-year terms, with three-year terms being assigned thereafter, and positions 6 and 7 will be assigned two-year terms, with three-year terms being assigned thereafter in order to create staggered terms for the overall membership. 
   (d)   Board decisions.  As appropriate, decisions rendered by the Historic Preservation Commission shall be recorded with the register of deeds in the county where the property subject to the decision is located.
   (e)   Amending section. Amendments to this Section 2-174 shall be in accordance with the procedures set forth in G.S. § 160A-364.
(Ord. No. 2014-Code-03, 6-26-2014)
   State law reference—Historic Preservation Commission, G.S. Chapter 160A, Article 19, Part 3C.