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Sec. 2-131. Stop orders.
New Ordinance Notice:
Publisher's Note: Section 2-131 has been amended by Ord. 2021-CODE-02, approved 6-24-2021, effective 6-25-2021.
   Whenever any building or structure or part thereof is being demolished, constructed, reconstructed, altered or repaired in a hazardous manner or in substantial violation of any building law of the state or town, or in such manner as to endanger life or property, the appropriate inspector may order the specific part of such work which is in violation or presents such a hazard to be immediately stopped. Such order shall be in writing to the person doing the work, and shall state the specific work to be stopped, the specific reasons therefor and the conditions under which the work may be resumed. Violation of a stop order shall constitute a misdemeanor.
(Code 1976, § 15-7; Code 1982, § 2-76)