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Chapter 1
Sec. 1-1.   How Code designated and cited.
Sec. 1-2.   Definitions.
Sec. 1-3.   Catchlines of sections; history notes; references.
Sec. 1-4.   Effect of repeal of ordinances.
Sec. 1-5.   Territorial applicability of Code.
Sec. 1-6.   Altering Code.
Sec. 1-7.   Amendments to Code; effect of new ordinances; amendatory language.
Sec. 1-8.   Supplementation of Code.
Sec. 1-9.   General penalty; continuing violations; enforcement of ordinances.
Sec. 1-10.   Severability of parts of Code.
Sec. 1-11.   Provisions considered as continuation of existing ordinances.
Sec. 1-12.   Code does not affect prior offenses, rights, etc.
Sec. 1-13.   Certain ordinances not affected by Code.
Sec. 1-14.   Standard specifications and details.