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Section 9.2.  Regulatory codes.
   The Town Council may make effective and enforce within the territory under its extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction and lying outside the corporate limits and within one mile thereof, all ordinances and codes of the Town regulating the construction and repair of buildings, including building codes, plumbing codes, electrical codes, heating and air conditioning codes, fire prevention codes, minimum housing codes adopted pursuant to the General Statutes, and ordinances relating to unsafe buildings adopted pursuant to the provisions of the General Statutes. In addition, the Town Council may enforce in such area the North Carolina State Building Codes, including Accessibility, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Prevention, Fuel Gas, Energy, Existing Buildings, and Residential, all as published by the North Carolina Building Code Council. Such enforcement power shall include the power to require that prior to the beginning of any construction, reconstruction, or alteration of any building or structure or any part or system thereof within such area, the appropriate permit or permits be obtained from the Town; provided, the Town Council may by ordinance require that the contractor or other person charged with such construction, reconstruction, or alteration secure such permit or permits, rather than requiring the owner of the property to do so.
(N.C.S.L. Ch. 2005-117, § 1(9.2))