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Section 6.2.  When petition unnecessary.
   The Town Council may order street improvements and assess the cost thereof, exclusive of the cost incurred at street intersections, against the abutting property owners at an equal rate per front foot, without the necessity of a petition, upon the finding by the Council as a fact:
   (1)   That such street or part thereof is unsafe for vehicular traffic, and it is in the public interest to make such improvement, or
   (2)   That it is in the public interest to connect two streets, or portions of a street already improved, or
   (3)   That it is in the public interest to widen a street, or part thereof, which is already improved; provided, that assessments for widening any street or portions of street without petition shall be limited to the cost of widening and otherwise improving such street in accordance with the street classification and improvement standards established by the Town's thoroughfare or major street plan for the particular street or part thereof to be widened and improved under the authority granted by this article.
(N.C.S.L. Ch. 2005-117, § 1(6.2))