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Section 3.3.  Legislative powers.
   All the legislative powers of the Town shall be vested in the Mayor and Town Council. The Mayor and Town Council shall meet at the time prescribed by law following each election, and those elected shall take the oath of office as prescribed by law to perform faithfully the duties of their respective offices. The Mayor shall have all rights, duties, and responsibilities of a Council member. A Mayor Pro Tempore shall be elected by the Town Council from among its own members and shall hold office as Mayor Pro Tempore during the pleasure of the Council. The organization of the Council shall take place notwithstanding the absence, death, refusal to serve, failure to qualify, or nonelection of one or more members, but at least a quorum of the members must be present. Any member entitled to make the aforesaid oath, who was not present at the time fixed therefore, may make oath at any time thereafter.
(N.C.S.L. Ch. 2005-117, § 1(3.3))