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Section 2.1.  Existing corporate boundaries.
   The corporate limits of the Town shall be those existing at the time of the ratification of this Charter and as the same may be altered from time to time in accordance with law. The Town Planning Director shall prepare a map to be designated "Map of the Town of Cary Corporate Limits" showing the corporate limits as the same may exist as of the effective date of this Charter. The Town Planning Director may also prepare a written description of the corporate limits as shown on said map to be designated "Description of Cary Corporate Limits". Said map and description shall be retained permanently in the Office of the Town Clerk as the official map and a description of the corporate limits of the Town. Immediately upon alteration of the corporate limits made pursuant to law from time to time, the Town Planning Director shall indicate such alteration by making appropriate changes and/or additions to said official map and description. Photographic or other types of copies of said official map or description certified as by law provided for the certification of ordinances shall be admitted in evidence in all courts and shall have the same force and effect as would the official map or description.
(N.C.S.L. Ch. 2005-117, § 1(2.1))
   State law reference—Corporate limits generally, G.S. 160-22.