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Article I. Incorporation and General Powers
   Sec. 1.1.   Incorporation and general powers.
   Sec. 1.2.   Enumerated powers not exclusive.
   Sec. 1.3.   Exercise of powers.
   Sec. 1.4.   Form of government.
Article II. Corporate Boundaries
   Sec. 2.1.   Existing corporate boundaries.
   Sec. 2.2.   Extension of corporate boundaries.
Article III. Mayor, Town Council and Appointees
   Sec. 3.1.   Form of government.
   Sec. 3.2.   Number and qualification of Council members and Mayor generally.
   Sec. 3.3.   Legislative powers.
   Sec. 3.4.   Reserved.
   Sec. 3.5.   General procedure.
   Sec. 3.6.   Vacancies.
   Sec. 3.7.   Compensation and reimbursement for expenses of elected officers.
   Sec. 3.8.   Appointment of officers and assistants.
   Sec. 3.9.   Town Manager.
   Sec. 3.10.   Town Attorney.
   Sec. 3.11.   Town Clerk.
   Sec. 3.12.   Town Treasurer.
   Sec. 3.13.   Reserved.
   Sec. 3.14.   Reserved.
   Sec. 3.15.   Combination of offices of Town Treasurer and Town Clerk.
   Sec. 3.16.   Terms of commissions, committees, and boards.
Article IV. [Reserved]
Article V. [Reserved]
Article VI. Street and Sidewalk Improvements
   Sec. 6.1.   Street improvements; assessment of cost.
   Sec. 6.2.   When petition unnecessary.
   Sec. 6.3.   Street improvement defined.
   Sec. 6.4.   Sidewalks; assessment of cost.
   Sec. 6.5.   Assessment procedure.
   Sec. 6.6.   Effect of assessment.
Article VII. Finance and Taxation
   Sec. 7.1.   Custody of Town money.
   Sec. 7.2.   Independent audit.
   Sec. 7.3.   Reserved.
   Sec. 7.4.   Road project regulatory or development fee.
Article VIII. Water and Sewer Improvements
   Sec. 8.1.   Laterals included in cost.
   Sec. 8.2.   Classification and exemption.
   Sec. 8.3.   Alternative method of assessing.
   Sec. 8.4.   Payment of assessments.
   Sec. 8.5.   Water and sewer development fees.
Article IX. Regulatory Powers
   Sec. 9.1.   Subdivision and zoning regulations.
   Sec. 9.2.   Regulatory codes.
   Sec. 9.3.   Underground utilities.
   Sec. 9.4.   [Repealed].
Article X. Claims Against the Town
   Sec. 10.1.   Settlement of claims by Town Manager.
Article XI. Sale, Lease, and Disposition of Property
   Sec. 11.1.   Disposition of certain property by Town Manager.
   Sec. 11.2.   Granting of utility easements and agreements.
   Sec. 11.3.   Conveyance of real property with restrictions.
Appendix 1:  Local Act Adopting Charter
   App. 1.1.   An Act to Update the Charter of the Town of Cary.
Appendix 2:  Incorporation of Local Acts into Charter
   App. 2.1.   Procedure for permanently closing streets and alleys.
   App. 2.2.   Acquisition of property outside corporate limits.
   App. 2.3.   Motor vehicle taxes.
   App. 2.4.   Compliance with Swift Creek Management Plan.
   App. 2.5.   Ordinances regulating trees and shrubs generally.
   App. 2.6.   Ordinances regulating clear-cutting of trees in buffer zones and protection of specimen tree.
   App. 2.7.   Construction of roadways outside corporate limits.
   App. 2.8.   Traffic control photographic system (red light cameras).
   App. 2.9.   Issuing licenses for closing-out sales in accordance with N.C. General Statutes Article 17, Chapter 66.
   App. 2.10.   Acquisition of utility rights-of-way when acquiring street rights-of-way.
   App. 2.11.   Reimbursement of developers for design and construction of public infrastructure.
   App. 2.12.   Standing of Town to enforce Swift Creek Management Plan.
   App. 2.13.   Ordinances regulating demolition of historic structures in their historic districts.
   App. 2.14.   Authority to require developers of multifamily units to provide funds for recreational land to serve multifamily developments.
   App. 2.15.   Electronic public notice for certain public hearings.
   App. 2.16.   Development incentives in exchange for reductions in energy consumption.
   App. 2.17.   Town e-mail subscription lists; review and use of.
   App. 2.18.   Exempting bona fide farms from obtaining building permits for accessory buildings in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction.
   App. 2.19.   Exempting Town from competitive bidding requirements for apparatus, supplies, materials, or equipment that will be used as part of certain pilot programs aimed at increasing energy efficiency.
   App. 2.20.   Entering into leases for the siting and operation of a renewable energy facility.
   App. 2.21.   Broaden the exception to the public records act for identifying information of minors participating in local government parks and recreation programs to include all local government programs and also to protect email addresses of minors in such programs in the Towns of Apex, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Morrisville, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell, and Zebulon, and the City of Raleigh.
   App. 2.22.   Exempting the Wake County Public School System and qualified nonpublic schools of Wake County from development charges related to the construction, renovation, and repair of school infrastructure facilities in Wake County and the municipalities therein.
   App. 2.23.   Requiring approval of the Board of Commissioners of Chatham County before the Towns of Apex or Cary may make an involuntary annexation into Chatham County.