(A)   Approved backflow prevention assemblies shall be installed on the service line to any facility that the town has identified as having a potential for backflow.
   (B)   (1)   The following types of facilities or services have been identified by the town as having a potential for backflow of non-potable water into the public water supply system. Therefore, an approved backflow prevention assembly may be required on all such services according to the degree of hazard present. Other types of facilities or services not listed below may also be required to install approved backflow prevention assemblies if determined necessary by the town. As a minimum requirement, all commercial services will be required to install a double-check valve assembly, unless otherwise listed below.
      (2)   Abbreviations:
         (a)   DCVA = Double-Check Valve Assembly.
         (b)   RP = Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly.
         (c)   DCDA = Double-Check Detector Assembly.
         (d)   RPDA = Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly.
         (e)   AG = Air Gap.
         (f)   PVB = Pressure Vacuum Breaker.
      (3)   Minimum requirements.
         (a)   Automotive service stations, dealerships, etc:
            1.   No Health Hazard: DCVA.
            2.   Health Hazard: RP.
         (b)   Auxiliary water system:
            1.   Approved Public/Private Water System: DCVA.
            2.    Unapproved Public/Private Water System: AG.
            3.   Used Water and Industrial Fluids: RP.
         (c)   Bakeries:
            1.   No Health Hazard: DCVA.
            2.   Health Hazard: RP.
         (d)   Beauty shops/barber shops:
            1.   No Health Hazard: DCVA.
            2.   Health Hazard: RP.
         (e)   Beverage bottling plants: RP.
         (f)   Breweries: RP.
         (g)   Buildings: Hotels, apartment houses, public and private buildings or other structures having unprotected cross-connections:
            1.   (Under five stories) No Health Hazard: DCVA.
            2.   (Under five stories) Health Hazard: RP.
            3.   (Over five stories) All: RP.
         (h)   Canneries, packing houses, and rendering plants: RP.
         (i)   Chemical plants: Manufacturing, processing, compounding or treatment: RP.
         (j)   Chemically contaminated water systems: RP.
         (k)   Commercial carwash facilities: RP.
         (l)   Commercial greenhouses: RP.
         (m)   Commercial sales establishments (department stores, malls, etc.):
            1.   No Health Hazard: DCVA.
            2.   Health Hazard: RP.
         (n)   Concrete/asphalt plants: RP.
         (o)   Dairies and cold storage plants: RP.
         (p)   Dye works: RP.
         (q)   Film laboratories: RP.
         (r)   Fire systems one- third-inch to two inches: RP.
         (s)   Fire systems two and one half inches to ten inches: RP.
         (t)   Fire trucks: RP.
         (u)   Hospitals, medical buildings, sanitariums, morgues, mortuaries, autopsy facilities, nursing and convalescent homes, medical clinics, and veterinary hospitals: RP.
         (v)   Industrial facilities:
            1.   No Health Hazard: DCVA.
            2.   Health Hazard: RP.
         (w)   Laundries:
            1.   No Health Hazard: DCVA.
            2.   Health Hazard: (i.e., dry cleaners): RP.
         (x)   Lawn irrigation systems (split taps):
            1.   No Health Hazard: DCVA.
            2.   Health Hazard: (booster pumps, chemical systems): RP.
         (y)   Metal manufacturing, cleaning, processing, fabrication plants: RP.
         (z)   Mobile home parks:
            1.   No Health Hazard: DCVA.
            2.   Health Hazard: RP.
         (aa)   Nail salons: RP.
         (bb)   Oil and gas production, storage or transmission properties: RP.
         (cc)   Pest control (extermination and fumigating): RP.
         (dd)   Power plants: RP.
         (ee)   Radioactive materials of substance-plants or handling facilities: RP.
         (ff)   Residential:
            1.   No Health Hazard: DCVA.
            2.   Health Hazard: RP.
         (gg)   Restaurants:
            1.   No Health Hazard: DCVA.
            2.   Health Hazard: RP.
         (hh)   Restricted, classified, or other closed facilities: RP.
         (ii)   Sand and gravel plants: RP.
         (jj)   Schools and colleges: RP.
         (kk)   Sewage and storm drain facilities: RP.
         (ll)   Swimming pools: RP.
         (mm)   Water facilities and industries: RP.
   (C)   All assemblies and installations shall be subject to inspection and approval by the town.
(Ord. 17-02, passed 2-20-2017)