(A)   When cross-connections are found to exist, the owner, his or her agent, occupant, or tenant will be notified in writing to disconnect the same within the time limit established by the town. The degree of protection required and maximum time allowed for compliance will be based upon the potential degree of hazard to the public water supply system.
   (B)   If, in the judgement of the town, an imminent health hazard exists, water service to the building or premises where a cross-connection exists may be terminated unless an air gap is immediately provided, or the cross-connection is immediately eliminated.
   (C)   Cross-connections with private wells or other auxiliary water supplies require immediate disconnection.
   (D)   All facilities that pose a potential health hazard to the potable water system must have a reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly within 60 days of notification by the town.
   (E)   All industrial and commercial facilities not identified as a "health hazard" shall be considered non-health hazard facilities. All non-health hazard facilities must install a double-check valve assembly within 90 days of notification by the town.
   (F)   Water mains served by the town, but not maintained by the town, shall be considered cross-connections, with degree of hazard to be determined by the town. Degree of protection shall be based upon the degree of hazard, as determined by the town.
   (G)   In the event that the Cross- Connection Control Representative does not have sufficient access to every portion of a private water system (i.e., classified research and development facilities; federal government property) to allow a complete evaluation of the degree of hazard associated with such private water systems, an approved reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly shall be required as a minimum protection.
   (H)   No person shall fill special use tanks or tankers containing pesticides, fertilizers, other toxic chemicals or their residues from the public water system except at a town approved location equipped with an air gap or an approved reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly properly installed on the public water system.
(Ord. 17-02, passed 2-20-2017)