§ 51.152  RIGHT OF ENTRY.
   (A)   Upon presentation of proper credentials and identification, authorized representatives from the town shall have the right to enter any building, structure, or premises during normal business hours, or at any time during the event of an emergency to perform any duty imposed by this subchapter. Those duties may include sampling and testing of water, or inspections and observations of all piping systems connected to the public water supply. Where a consumer has security measures in force which would require proper identification and clearance before entry into their premises, the consumer shall make necessary arrangements with the security guards so that upon presentation of suitable identification, town personnel will be permitted to enter without delay for the purpose of performing specific responsibilities. Refusal to allow entry for these purposes may result in discontinuance of water service.
   (B)   On request, the consumer shall furnish to the town any pertinent information regarding the water supply system on such property where cross-connections and backflows are deemed possible.
(Ord. 17-02, passed 2-20-2017)