§ 51.112  TOWN SERVICE.
   (A) The town recognizes the responsibility to provide all existing water users within the town corporate boundary with an adequate supply of water within the constraints of money and budgets.
   (B)   The town will attempt to provide water service to all existing homes and new homes not currently served on existing open and dedicated streets within the constraints of money and budgets. The priority for new services will be less than for existing customers.
   (C)   Any property receiving water or sewer service must be annexed into the town.
   (D)   Extensions in and to subdivisions and new streets or unopened streets will be at the developer’s expense.
(Prior Code, § 51.13)
   (E)   Where the town requires line sizes larger than six inches or larger than proper sizing for the purpose of the applicant making the extension, the town may elect to participate in the cost.
(Prior Code, § 51.14)
   (F)   The Board will approve or disapprove all extensions.
(Prior Code, § 51.15)  (Am. Ord. passed 7-16-2007)