(A)   All existing or future users within the town limits or its existing area may be served by the town water system, subject only to the availability of capacity.
   (B)   The town reserves the right to protect its water system by the imposition of requirements on and inspection of any system tied into the town system. Particular attention will be placed on systems capable of applying pressure to the line either through well pumps, fire pumps, industrial pumping, elevated storage, or natural line elevation.
   (C)   The Director of Public Works is directed to evaluate or have evaluated by competent professionals each system tied in, and apply suitable requirements such as check valves, control valves, backflow preventers, rate of flow controllers, or other devices, to protect the safety, adequacy, and quality of the town water system. Any system tied into the town system will cooperate with the Director of Public Works by providing drawings of the system and securing access to any point on the system including storage and customer’s premises for the purpose of inspections at times he or she may deem necessary.
(Prior Code, § 51.12)