(A)   For the purpose of this section, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      DEVELOPED PROPERTY.  Any property that is platted, any parcel of real estate for which a person is seeking a building permit, conditional use permit, or special use permit, or any parcel on which a structure exists or which is subdivided.
      UNIT.  Any structure except structures that are merely appurtenant to a primary structure, or any portion of a single structure that is used by an entity different from any other entity using that structure. Except as otherwise provided in this subchapter, any developed property that is:
         (a)   Within the town;
         (b)   Within the town’s extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction; or
         (c)   Connected to the town’s water system.
   (B)   Sewerage pumping stations for subdivisions are not considered unreasonable. Nothing herein shall be interpreted to relieve any requirements because gravity flow is not possible.
   (C)   Whenever public sewer service is not available to any property inside or outside of the town, the private sewer system installed shall be approved by the county Health Department.
(Prior Code, § 51.01)
   (D)   The following standards are mandatory and may not be waived except by specific Board action, and will apply universally after the date of the adoption hereof.
      (1)   All sewer lines will be constructed, tested, sterilized, and operated in total compliance with state Department of Environment and Natural Resources and standards established by the Director of Public Works.
      (2)   The designated representative of the town will personally witness infiltration, exfiltration, and mandrel tests at applicant’s expense wherever new lines are installed.
   (E)   All lines accepted by the town will have plans and specifications approved by and bear the permit stamp of the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources. All work will be done in strict compliance with the approved plans.
(Prior Code, § 51.03)