(A)   The town shall run a service line from its distribution line to the property line where the distribution line runs immediately adjacent and parallel to the property to be served, and for which a tap-on fee then in effect for each size of meter has been collected.
   (B)   The town may install its meter at the property line or, at the town’s option, on the consumer’s property or in a location mutually agreed upon.
   (C)   When two or more meters are to be installed on the same premises for different consumers, they shall be closely grouped and each clearly marked so as to designate to which consumer it applies.
   (D)   The town does not assume the responsibility of inspecting the consumer’s piping or apparatus and will not be responsible therefore.
   (E)   The town shall not be liable for damage of any kind whatsoever resulting from water, water pressure, or the use of water on the consumer’s premises, unless the damage results directly from negligence on the part of the town. The town shall not be responsible for any damage done by or resulting from any defect in the piping, fixtures, or appliances on the consumer’s premises. The town shall not be responsible for negligence of third persons or forces beyond the control of the town resulting in any interruption of service.
(Prior Code, § 50.77)