(A)   For purposes of this section, FRAUD and ABUSE shall include, but not be limited to any action by any person or corporation which:
      (1)   Will potentially or in fact cause financial damage to the town Water and Sewer System;
      (2)   Will potentially or in fact have any adverse effects on the public health of the community; or
      (3)   Will potentially or in fact damage any water lines, meters, hydrants, or other appurtenances of the water and sewer system.
   (B)   In addition to any other reasons or conditions under which service may be discontinued, service to any location may be disconnected for the following reasons:
      (1)   To prevent fraud and abuse;
      (2)   Customer’s willful disregard of town rules;
      (3)   Emergency repairs;
      (4)   Insufficiency of supply due to circumstances beyond the town’s control;
      (5)   Legal procedures; and/or
      (6)   Direction of public authorities.
(Prior Code, § 50.61)