(A)   (1)   Applications for service shall be made at the Municipal Building during normal business hours on forms to be provided by the town. All required connection fees, deposits, and the like will be made at the time of application.
      (2)   Each renter for water and sewer must make a deposit with the town in the amount specified in Chapter 36 of this code of ordinances at the time service is applied for. This deposit is refundable when the service is no longer required and all balances have been paid.
   (B)   The town may reject an application for services as follows:
      (1)   Where service is not available;
      (2)   Where service is to a dwelling that has been declared unfit for human habitation by a county Building Inspector;
      (3)   Where service will adversely affect existing users, until such time as corrections can be made to the system;
      (4)   Where the applicant is delinquent in payment of bills incurred for service previously supplied at any location; and/or
      (5)   At a new structure that has not passed the required plumbing inspection or does not adhere to provisions of Chapter 152 of this code of ordinances.
   (C)   Lawn irrigation systems shall be protected against backflow by a reduced pressure principle backflow prevention device (RPZ) which shall conform to ASSE (American Society of Sanitary Engineers) 1013, AWWA (American Waterworks Association) C511, or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) CAN (Canadian) CSA-864.3, with a relief opening that discharges by air gap above grade.
(Prior Code, § 50.52)