Self- service storage facilities may be permitted in the C-2 and C-3 Districts, subject to the following conditions:
   (A)   Maximum individual storage unit height shall be 15 feet.
   (B)   Maximum area of each individual storage unit shall be 500 square feet.
   (C)   The front building facade shall be designed, constructed, and maintained to be visually compatible with the neighborhood and surrounding properties.
   (D)   A business office may be located on site, and the required parking spaces for employees shall be located adjacent to the business office. Required parking may not be rented, used for storage of vehicles, or other storage.
   (E)   Areas providing access between storage units and areas designed for two-way vehicular traffic shall be 20 feet wide. One-way vehicular traffic aisles with units on one side may be 15 feet wide. Access aisles and storage units shall be designed and located to provide maneuvering space for emergency vehicles.
   (F)   All outdoor lighting must be shielded and focused to direct light onto the premises and away from adjoining properties.
   (G)   All structures, storage units, commercial parking areas, accessory vehicle storage areas, aisles, security fences, or walls, except the front building facade, shall be screened from view off site.
   (H)   The site shall not be used for any activity or use except storage as specified herein.
   (I)   Flammable, toxic, or explosive materials or hazardous chemicals shall not be stored on site; provided, however, that fuel contained in standard fuel tanks of boats or vehicles which are themselves stored on site is allowed. Standard fuel tanks for purposes of this section are those tanks which were designed for the specific vehicle by the manufacturer of the vehicle.
   (J)   Signs shall be permitted in compliance with §§ 158.110 through 158.114, except that temporary signs, signs that relate to off-premises uses, or signs which exceed 50 square feet in area are prohibited.
   (K)   Landscaping shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 157 of the Carroll County Code.
(Ord. 2019-06, passed 12-12-2019)