(A)   An Industrial Park is a self-contained development area of at least ten acres that is cohesive, with a common development scheme, and approved as a single development plan.
      (1)   An Industrial Park is permitted in the I-1 District, and principal uses include all uses permitted by right or authorized by conditional use in the I-1 District, except the following:
         (a)   Airport;
         (b)   Bus terminal;
         (c)   Concrete or asphalt recycling;
         (d)   Contractor’s equipment storage facility;
         (e)   Oil contaminated soil facility;
         (f)   Solar energy conversion facility, ground-mounted; and
         (g)   Storage of sludge.
      (2)   Additional principal uses permitted may include uses permitted by right or authorized by conditional use in the Commercial Districts, provided that these uses and the supporting parking lot area collectively comprise no more than 20% of the land area of the entire Industrial Park.  However, the following uses permitted in the Commercial Districts are prohibited in an Industrial Park:
         (a)   Adult day care facility;
         (b)   Assisted living facility;
         (c)   Cemetery or mausoleum;
         (d)   Commercial kennel;
         (e)   Retail store greater than 10,000 square feet in size;
         (f)   Crematorium;
         (g)   Drug rehabilitation clinic;
         (h)   Dwellings;
         (i)   Funeral establishment;
         (j)   Hospice facility;
         (k)   Hospital;
         (l)   Indoor theater;
         (m)   Nursing home;
         (n)   Outdoor drive-in theater;
         (o)   Outdoor recreation;
         (p)   Outdoor trap, skeet, rifle, or archery ranges, including gun clubs;
         (q)   Self-service storage facility;
         (r)   Tattoo or piercing establishment;
         (s)   Vehicle repair; and
         (t)   Vehicle sales.
      (3)   The following principal uses are also permitted by right in an Industrial Park, without being subject to the percentage limitations above:
         (a)   Conference center; and
         (b)   Hotel.
      (4)   The following temporary use is prohibited in an Industrial Park:  Flea market.
      (5)   Multiple nonindustrial accessory uses may be permitted, provided that no accessory use shall exceed 5,000 square feet, except a day care center or health club, which may be up to 6,000 square feet, and provided that, in aggregate, the nonindustrial accessory uses do not exceed 10% of the acreage of the entire Industrial Park.
      (6)   Landscaping, signs, walkways, and parking will be provided in an integrated and harmonious design.
      (7)   An Industrial Park may be subject to subdivision if it is over 20 acres in size. If an Industrial Park is between ten and 20 acres in size, it may not be further subdivided and must remain under common ownership.
(Ord. 2019-06, passed 12-12-2019)