§ 158.150  MOBILE HOMES.
   No person shall park, store, or occupy a mobile home (nor allow or permit parking, storage, or occupancy of a mobile home), for living or other purposes, except:
   (A)   As a temporary accessory use by a licensed contractor in any district for road, commercial, public, or quasi-public construction projects. Such use shall be limited to construction office or storage, and shelter for a caretaker;
   (B)   In order to provide assistance in the pursuit of agriculture by providing for the shelter of tenant labor necessary for successful operation of agricultural enterprises, or members of an immediate family of the owner of the farm who provide assistance in the operation of the farm, the Zoning Administrator may approve the use of no more than two mobile homes on such a farm, subject to the following conditions:
      (1)   To provide a home for members of an immediate family of said farm who assist the owner in the operation of the subject farm;
      (2)   To provide a home for tenant labor employed full time on the farm;
      (3)   The requirements of the Carroll County Health Department and the Carroll County Construction Codes shall be met;
      (4)   The mobile home shall be located in the immediate vicinity of and as an integral part of other major farm buildings, and in no case more than 300 feet therefrom, and abide by the setback and side yard requirements of the district in which the property is located;
      (5)   A farm or any portion thereof that is not actively employed in agricultural production shall not be considered by the Zoning Administrator in connection with a request for the placement of a mobile home thereon. Farms or portions thereof enrolled in United States Department of Agriculture soil bank programs, or similar programs shall be considered inactive and not eligible for consideration under this provision; and
      (6)   A minimum of 50 acres engaged in the active production of the land shall be required for location of a mobile home under this section, provided that where annual gross sales from the raising of farm products on the premises exceeds $50,000, the minimum acreage requirement shall be 20 acres.
   (C)   As a nonpaying guest as an accessory use in any district in which the owner of the land may permit parking or occupancy for a period not to exceed one month in any calendar year;
   (D)   In conjunction with an industrial location as an accessory use in an I-1 or I-2 Districts for such purposes as a caretaker;
   (E)   Camping or recreational mobile homes in any district, as an accessory use, and not used for living or business purposes unless in a bona fide recreational camping area or as specified under division (H) below;
   (F)   In case of fire or other disaster, one mobile home may be permitted on the same premises with Zoning Administrator approval for living purposes as a temporary use in any district as a supplementary residence for a period of one year from date of establishment. The Zoning Administrator shall consider and may approve any additional extension of time beyond the one-year period;
   (G)   In the event any existing mobile home is required to be moved, the Zoning Administrator may, in case of proven, extreme hardship, extend such use for a specified temporary period of time; or
   (H)   In the event of a major rehabilitation or rebuilding of an existing home, one mobile home may be permitted on the same premises with Zoning Administrator approval, for living purposes as a temporary use in any district, subject to the following conditions:
      (1)   Documentation by the property owner of sufficient evidence to establish the rehabilitation or rebuilding of the home, including but not limited to construction plans, building permits, and approved financing;
      (2)   The property shall be a minimum of one acre;
      (3)   The mobile home shall be connected to a private well and septic system;
      (4)   The temporary use shall not exceed a period of one year;
      (5)   The mobile home shall be disconnected from the water supply and sanitation and removed from the site within 60 days of issuance of the use and occupancy certificate for the home; and
      (6)   While being used for living purposes pursuant to this division (H), the mobile home, camper, or recreational vehicle shall be equipped with proper smoke detectors.
(Ord. 2019-06, passed 12-12-2019)  Penalty, see § 158.999