(A)   It shall be unlawful for an owner to use or to permit the use of any building, structure, or land or part thereof, hereafter created, erected, changed, converted, or enlarged, wholly or in part, until a zoning certificate shall have been issued by the Zoning Administrator. A zoning certificate shall be revocable, subject to continued compliance with all requirements and conditions.
   (B)   All applications for zoning certificates shall be accompanied by plans drawn to scale, showing the dimensions and shape of the lot to be built upon; the size and location of existing buildings, if any; and the location and dimensions of the proposed building or alteration. Where no buildings are involved, the location of the present use and/or proposed use to be made of the lot shall be shown. The application and/or plans shall include such other information as reasonably may be required by the Zoning Administrator to determine conformance with and provide for the enforcement of this chapter. The plans shall be retained in the office of the Zoning Administrator.
   (C)   The Zoning Administrator shall approve the issuance of a zoning certificate only if the application complies with the requirements of this chapter, and provided that such zoning certificate shall be conditioned where necessary on the approval of the Carroll County Health Officer, state and/or County Bureau of Roads Operations, Planning Commission, or any other agency concerned, and provided the application is accompanied by the required fee. The Zoning Administrator shall maintain a record of all zoning certificates and copies shall be furnished upon request to any person upon payment of the cost therefor. If a zoning certificate is issued, such approval and issuance thereof does not sanction variance from the terms of this chapter.
   (D)   If the Zoning Administrator shall find any of the provisions of this chapter being violated, the Zoning Administrator shall notify in writing, by first class mail, the owner or the person responsible for such violation, indicating the nature of the violation and ordering the action necessary to correct it. Proof of mailing shall be sufficient evidence that the notice was delivered, and notice shall be deemed delivered upon the expiration of five days from the date the notice was mailed. The Zoning Administrator shall order discontinuance of illegal use of land, buildings, or structures; removal of illegal buildings or structures or additions or alterations or structural changes thereto; discontinuance of any illegal work being done; and shall, unless compliance is met within a reasonable time, take any other action authorized by this chapter to ensure compliance with or prevent violation of its provisions.
   (E)   A zoning certificate shall become void one year after the date of issuance if the construction or use for which the certificate was issued has not been started.
(Ord. 2019-06, passed 12-12-2019)  Penalty, see § 158.999