Business signs pertaining to use-on-the-premises, as an accessory use in all districts, provided that the following provisions are adhered to:
   (A)   No such sign shall project over or into any street right-of-way or more than four feet above the parapet wall or roofline.
   (B)   Any sign which is attached to the ground shall be located in such a manner that traffic visibility is not impaired.
   (C)   The total area of all signs shall not exceed four times each linear foot of the building wall being used as a tenant front.  Only one building frontage shall be used in computing the sign area allowance, except on a corner lot, in which case an additional 25% of the sign area allowed may be authorized. In no case shall the area of any one sign exceed 200 square feet on any one side. Computations of signs shall include all sides (where applicable) including the entire face of the sign and any wall work incidental to its decoration and shall include the space between letter figures and designs or the space within letter figures and designs.
   (D)   No exterior sign shall exceed 30 feet in total height, as measured from the adjacent public road, if freestanding.  Only one freestanding sign is permitted, except if located in a PCC, Business Park, Industrial Park, or Business/Industrial Park.
      (1)   A PCC, Business Park, or Industrial Park fronting on more than one street may erect one additional sign not exceeding 200 square feet in area containing the names of the PCC or Park, or establishments located therein, that may be placed in any location within the boundaries of the project within the required yard area along each street.
      (2)   For each interior business in a PCC, Business Park, Industrial Park, or Business/Industrial Park, signs may be permitted not to exceed an area four square feet for each linear foot of store frontage and located in accordance with a signage plan approved by the Planning Commission.
   (E)   No business sign shall obstruct the vision of motorists using entranceways, driveways, or any public road intersection.
   (F)   A sign must be set back from a public road right-of-way line by at least five feet. No freestanding sign shall be located closer than 20 feet to a side property line or five feet to a front property line.
   (G)   Temporary signs located on the premises of a business which advertise special events of the business subject to all distance, yard, and setback requirements and subject to the following limitations:
      (1)   Area.  The sign shall be no larger than 36 square feet per side and shall have no more than two sides.  If temporary single faced signs are used, no more than two temporary single faced signs may be used.
      (2)   Time limit.  The sign may not be located at the business for longer than 30 days prior to the special event. The Zoning Administrator shall prohibit the use of temporary signs if it appears that the use is intended to avoid the restrictions on permanent signs.  Temporary signs may be used no more than twice per calendar year.
      (3)   Anchoring.  The sign must be anchored to the ground or to a permanent structure to prevent it from being moved by force of nature.
      (4)   Signs on wheels.  Signs on wheels are prohibited, as are signs designed to be affixed to a wheeled chassis but which have either been removed from the chassis or have never been so attached.
      (5)   Approval.  Prior to using the sign, a person shall have been issued a zoning certificate and must obtain the approval of the Zoning Administrator, who shall review the request to determine if the sign constitutes a potential hazard to health, safety, or welfare; or whether the use of the sign is for a truly temporary purpose rather than for a purpose that would require additional regulation under other provisions of this chapter.
      (6)   May be allowed.  The Zoning Administrator may allow the use of pennants, banners, streamers, tethered balloons, or inflatables.
   (H)   Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the total area of all signs on the premises of a fuel station shall not exceed 200 square feet, except as authorized in division (C).  Canopy signage at a fuel station may not exceed 36 square feet at each face.
   (I)   In the Employment Campus District, the following provisions shall also be adhered to:
      (1)   Sign locations shall be permitted as follows for each building:
         (a)   One freestanding sign at a point near the parking or building entrance; and
         (b)   A building-mounted tenant identification system for each tenant.
      (2)   The following are prohibited:
         (a)   Flashing or moving signs;
         (b)   Exposed neon signs; and
         (c)   Pennants, banners, streamers, tethered balloons, and inflatables.
(Ord. 2019-07, passed 12-12-2019)