The following signs are permitted without a zoning certificate in any district, provided that the following conditions are adhered to:
   (A)   Signs indicating the name and/or premises or accessory use of a home for a home occupation or professional purposes, not exceeding three square feet in area;
   (B)   Signs not exceeding 30 square feet on a farm advertising farm products primarily grown on the premises, provided that they are located off the highway right-of-way and do not interfere with traffic visibility;
   (C)   Directional or informational signs of a public or quasi-public nature, such as those containing the meeting date of a community or civic club or the advertising of an event of public interest;
   (D)   Temporary real estate signs which offer a residential property for sale or lease, subject to the following conditions and limitations:
      (1)   On a property having an area of less than two acres, the sign may have two sides (or faces), and the area of each sign face shall be no larger than nine square feet, and the top of the sign shall be no higher from the ground than five feet. On a property of two acres or larger, the sign may have two sides (or faces), and each sign face shall not exceed 24 square feet and the top of the sign can be no higher than ten feet from the ground.
      (2)   Only one sign is allowed on a property offered for sale or lease, except in situations where the property fronts on more than one street, in which case no more than two signs are allowed on the property.
      (3)   Signs shall not be placed on a property closer than six feet to any property line.
      (4)   Any sign set up or located pursuant to this section must be removed on the day of settlement of the real estate transaction. The person who placed the sign and the company whose name appears on the sign shall be responsible to remove signs as required by this section.
      (5)   In addition to those signs authorized in division (D)(2) above, one additional sign for each sign authorized therein is authorized on the property to advertise an open house during the time period of 12:00 noon Saturday until sunset Sunday or during the time period the house is actually open for showing without prior appointment.
      (6)   Signs offering a property for sale or lease and advertising an open house may be located off the premises when the property being offered has limited or no road frontage as determined by the Zoning Administrator. In those cases where there is limited or no road frontage, one sign is allowed on the property being offered, and one sign is authorized on another property. For purposes of this section, limited road frontage is less than 15 feet of frontage, unless the Zoning Administrator rules otherwise as to a specific property.
      (7)   No sign shall be located on a property that is not being offered for sale or lease without the express permission of the person having authority to grant such permission for the property on which the sign is located. For purposes of this section, if the permission of the property owner has not been given in writing, it shall be presumed that no permission was given.
      (8)   Between the hours of 12:00 noon on Saturday and sunset on Sunday, signs advertising property for sale or lease may be placed in a road right-of-way owned by the county whether the right-of-way is owned in fee or otherwise, subject to the rights of the owners of the underlying fee, if any. Signs that are placed in a county road right-of-way may have two sides (or faces), and each sign face may have an area of no larger than four square feet, and the top of the sign may be no higher from the ground than three feet. If a sign is placed in a county right-of-way, no object may be placed on the sign that extends above the top of the sign or extends the width of the sign to more than two feet.
      (9)   Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, no sign shall be located in any place where its location constitutes a condition adverse to traffic safety. Such signs may be removed at any time, and the company and agent of the company so locating the sign shall be liable for any damage that is caused as a result of the sign’s location, and each shall be in violation of this chapter and liable to the county for the cost of removing a sign located on property in violation of this chapter. The Bureau of Roads Operations, or its successor agency, is hereby authorized to establish areas in which signs are prohibited in any county right-of-way.
      (10)   Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, signs shall not be placed in the traveled portion of any highway or on the shoulder of any highway.
      (11)   Signs shall not be attached to utility poles, trees, fences, or other signs.
   (E)   Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, temporary real estate signs which offer for sale or lease properties comprised of five lawfully recorded lots may have a sign face area of no larger than 100 square feet per sign face;
   (F)   Building contractors and professional persons temporary signs on buildings under construction, limited to a total area for all such signs of 150 square feet;
   (G)   Directional signs, intended to move traffic, direct the flow of traffic, or manage a specific activity on the site; and signs that warn of construction activity either on site or in the immediate vicinity. These signs may not include advertising; and
   (H)   Political signs and signs on the inside of store windows are exempt from regulation hereunder.
(Ord. 2019-07, passed 12-12-2019)