(A)   Purpose and intent.  The purpose of the I-1 District is to provide locations for certain types of nonagricultural, nonresidential, and generally nonretail commercial activities characterized by light manufacturing, assembling, fabricating, warehousing, wholesale distribution, and limited office and commercial uses which are supportive or directly related to industrial uses, which may not be as intense as those provided for in the I-2 District and which, with proper landscaping, separation, setback, and buffering, will not significantly detract from adjoining residential or commercial properties.  It is intended that such districts be located in areas with access to major thoroughfares or other major modes of transportation, depending upon the specific demands of the industry being served.  Industrial Parks are encouraged in this district to provide for clustering of similar industrial uses with common access and infrastructure, as well as the provision of open spaces, stormwater management, and adequate buffering.
   (B)   Applicability.  The following regulations and applicable regulations contained in other sections shall be permitted in the I-1 District.
   (C)   Principal uses.  The regulation of principal uses is set forth in § 158.082.
   (D)   Business/Industrial Parks.  Business/Industrial Parks, approved as Business Parks prior to April 1, 2019, and any subsequent revisions or amendments thereto, are permitted in the I-1 District, as regulated in § 158.079(D).  Commercial uses which are delineated as accessory uses in division (D)(8) below, or general service, general retail and other commercial uses delineated as principal permitted and conditional uses in § 158.082(A), which are not otherwise permitted or conditional uses in the I-1 District, may be located on separate lots or parcels within a business park provided that:
      (1)   The gross acreage of such uses does not exceed 15% or 15 acres, whichever is lesser, of the Business Park.
         (a)   The area of the commercial uses not otherwise permitted in the I-1 District shall be computed as the building area containing the commercial uses and the supporting parking lot area, but shall not include required yard setbacks and open space;
         (b)   No variance of the 15% limitation may be granted; and
         (c)   Medical or dental centers, while not otherwise permitted in the I-1 District, shall be permitted in a business/industrial park and shall not be included in the calculation of commercial uses which are not otherwise permitted in the I-1 District;
      (2)   The size of any individual commercial use permitted in the commercial districts but not otherwise permitted in the I-1 District may not exceed a maximum of 25,000 square feet. The area of a canopy over gasoline pumps shall not be included in the size limitation for a convenience store with gasoline pumps;
      (3)   The Business/Industrial Park shall be ineligible for additional accessory uses under § 158.083(B)(2);
      (4)   The development of the Business/Industrial Park with retail or commercial uses shall not constitute a substantial change in the neighborhood with respect to a petition to change the zoning of the property pursuant to § 158.134(C);
      (5)   An average of four-plus parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of building area shall be provided for the lots within a Business/Industrial Park;
      (6)   Notwithstanding anything in this subchapter to the contrary, the following uses are prohibited in a Business/Industrial Park:
         (a)   Day treatment or care facility;
         (b)   Funeral establishments;
         (c)   Kennels, commercial;
         (d)   Nonprofit clubs and fraternal organizations;
         (e)    Religious establishments;
         (f)   Residential dwelling units;
         (g)   Retail greenhouses;
         (h)   Retirement homes;
         (i)   Tattoo or body-piercing shops; and
         (j)   Vehicle repair shops;
      (7)   Signage requirements are as follows:
         (a)   A signage plan shall be submitted with the site plan.
         (b)   One freestanding sign, or an additional sign if fronting on more than one street, shall be allowed to identify the Business/Industrial Park. This sign may not exceed 30 feet in height or 200 square feet per side, unless a variance is granted pursuant to § 158.130. This sign may include identification of the tenants or other entities within the Business Park.
         (c)   All other buildings or lots within the Business/Industrial Park may have signs in accordance with § 158.114;
      (8)   Provided all accessory uses do not exceed 15% of the lot or parcel, and provided no individual use exceeds 3,000 square feet except as provided below, the following retail or other commercial uses in conjunction with a principal permitted or approved conditional use, not exceeding 15% of the lot or parcel, and subject to authorization of the BZA after a public hearing:
         (a)   Retail bakeries;
         (b)   Banks or savings and loan institutions;
         (c)   Beauty salons or barbershops;
         (d)   Convenience stores, including gasoline pumps, however the area of canopy over the gasoline pumps is excluded from the 3,000 square foot size limitation but included as part of the 15% gross acreage limitation;
         (e)   Day care centers not exceeding 6,000 square feet;
         (f)   Pharmacies;
         (g)   Laundry or dry-cleaning establishments;
         (h)   Office supply stores;
         (i)   Shoe repair shops;
         (j)   Restaurants or lunchrooms;
         (k)   Tailor establishments;
         (l)   Health clubs not exceeding 6,000 square feet; and
         (m)   Florist or garden shops.
   (E)   Site plan review.  Site plan review, if required, shall be the same as provided as per Chapter 155.
(Ord. 2019-06, passed 12-12-2019)