(A)   Purpose and intent.  The purpose of the C-3 District is to provide locations for high-intensity, large-scale retail businesses and destinations of a regional nature, planned business parks, clusters of commercial development, wholesale businesses, offices, and certain light processing operations.  This district is also intended to provide locations for compatible institutional and recreational uses and some of the medium-intensity uses associated with the C-2 District.  Uses in this district should be located in proximity to transportation infrastructure and major corridors.  Developments in the C-3 District should, where possible and appropriate, facilitate pedestrian circulation.
   (B)   Applicability.  The following regulations and applicable regulations contained in other sections shall be permitted in the C-3 District.
   (C)   Principal uses.  The regulation of principal uses is set forth in § 158.082.
   (D)   Site plan review.  Site plan review, if required, shall be as provided as per Chapter 155.
(Ord. 2019-06, passed 12-12-2019)