(A)   Purpose and intent.  The purpose of the C-2 District is to provide locations for a diverse range of medium-intensity retail, service and professional office uses needed by a larger population than those provided for in the C-1 District.  This district is also intended to provide locations for compatible institutional and recreational uses, limited residential uses, and some of the general neighborhood uses associated with the C-1 District.  Bicycle and pedestrian access are encouraged where possible to ensure compatibility with nearby neighborhoods.
   (B)   Applicability.  The following regulations and applicable regulations contained in other sections shall apply in the C-2 District.
   (C)   Principal uses.  The regulation of principal uses is set forth in § 158.082.
   (D)   Site plan review.  Site plan review, if required, shall be as provided as per Chapter 155.
(Ord. 2019-06, passed 12-12-2019)