(A)   Any uses or buildings subject to compliance with this section, as referenced in § 158.082(A), shall be located at least 200 feet from:
      (1)   Any lot in a Residence District.
      (2)   Any lot of less than three acres in the A District which is:
         (a)   Occupied by a dwelling not located on the same lot as the said use or buildings, or
         (b)   For which a residential lot has been recorded, or
         (c)   For which a construction permit for a dwelling has been issued.
      (3)   Any lot occupied by a school, religious establishment, or institution for human care; and
      (4)   On adjoining lots of three acres or more, minimum separation distance of 300 feet from dwellings shall be required.
   (B)   The following uses shall be subject to two times the distance requirement in division (A) above:
      (1)   Coal yard;
      (2)   Cooperage works;
      (3)   Crematory;
      (4)   Electric generating power plant;
      (5)   Facility for the dispensing of medical cannabis;
      (6)   Flour and grain milling;
      (7)   Heavy manufacturing;
      (8)   Indoor contractors’ equipment storage yard;
      (9)   Indoor growing of medical cannabis;
      (10)   Indoor processing of medical cannabis; and
      (11)   Steel mill.
   (C)   The following uses shall be subject to three times the distance requirement in division (A) above:
      (1)   Above ground petroleum products storage (2,000 gallons or greater);
      (2)   Bituminous concrete mixing plant;
      (3)   Commercial sawmill;
      (4)   Concrete and ceramic products manufacture;
      (5)   Concrete or asphalt recycling;
      (6)   Oil-contaminated soil facility;
      (7)   Outdoor contractors’ equipment storage yard;
      (8)   Solid waste acceptance facility; and
      (9)   Truck or motor vehicle freight terminal.
   (D)   The following uses shall be subject to four times the distance requirement in division (A) above, and shall be located not less than 1,000 feet from any Residence District:
      (1)   Acid or heavy chemical manufacturing;
      (2)   Airport;
      (3)   Blast furnace, boiler works, foundry;
      (4)   Cement, lime, gypsum manufacturing;
      (5)   Distillation of bones, fat rendering, grease, lard or tallow manufacturing;
      (6)   Explosive manufacturing or storage;
      (7)   Fertilizer, potash, insecticide, glue, size, or gelatin manufacture;
      (8)   Junkyard;
      (9)   Outdoor trap, skeet, rifle, or archery ranges, including gun clubs;
      (10)   Petroleum products refining; and
      (11)   Slaughterhouse.
(Ord. 2019-06, passed 12-12-2019)  Penalty, see § 158.999