Where uncertainty exists as to the boundaries of districts as shown on the official Zoning Maps, the following rules shall apply:
   (A)   Boundaries indicated as approximately following the centerlines of streets, highways, or alleys shall be construed to follow such centerlines.
   (B)   Boundaries indicated as approximately following property lines or platted lot lines shall be construed as following such lines.
   (C)   Boundaries indicated as approximately following city limits shall be construed as following city limits.
   (D)   Boundaries indicated as following railroad lines shall be construed to be midway between the main tracks.
   (E)   Boundaries which are drawn parallel to road lines and which do not coincide with property lines or lot lines, and where not designated by dimensions, shall be deemed to be 200 feet back from the nearest road centerline.
   (F)   Boundaries which are in unsubdivided property or where a district boundary divides a lot shall be determined by the use of the map scale as shown thereon.
   (G)   Where a district boundary line as shown on the Zoning Map or Maps divides a lot which was in single ownership and of record at the time of enactment of this chapter the use authorized thereon and the other district requirements applying to the least restricted portion of such lot under this chapter shall be considered as extending to the entire lot, provided that the more restricted portion of such lot is entirely within 50 feet of said dividing district boundary line. The use so extended shall be deemed to be conforming.
(Ord. 2019-06, passed 12-12-2019)