§ 154.16 EXEMPTIONS.
   Exempted are the following (development within or adjacent to mapped carbonate rock areas will need to be evaluated prior to exemption being granted):
   (A)   Agricultural land management practices, if included in a total resource management system (RMS) plan and approved by the Carroll Soil Conservation District (“District”) with required BMPs implemented;
   (B)   Modifications to businesses which do not:
      (1)   Involve a cumulative increase in impervious cover associated with the business of more than 10% or 40,000 square feet, whichever is less;
      (2)   Involve the storage or handling of a regulated substance; or
      (3)   Infringe upon the stream buffer.
   (C)   Existing lots of record, not under review by the county for development as provided in Chapter 155 of the Carroll County Code of Public Ordinances;
   (D)   Remainders, remaining portions, and tracts;
   (E)   Any development related to construction, repair, or retrofit of a BMP or SWM structure in conjunction with treatment of an existing impervious area; or
   (F)   Stream restoration projects that comply with all state and federal permitting requirements.
(2004 Code, § 218-4) (Ord. 04-08, passed 4-1-2004; Ord. 07-08, passed 5-3-2007; Ord. 2011-03, passed 5-17-2011; Ord. 2022-12, passed 8-25-2022)