(A)   A preliminary grading inspection shall be performed and approved by the county for all building permits for new residences, new commercial structures, additions to existing residential or commercial structures, attached or detached garages, and in-ground pools before issuance of a building permit by the county. If it is determined by the county that existing conditions are not in compliance with this chapter, a grading plan may be required before approval is granted and where grading for SWM was approved.
   (B)   Prior to issuance of a use and occupancy certificate, final grading inspections shall be performed by the county on all building permits which required a preliminary inspection. An inspection request shall be made at least one working day before the desired inspection. The following minimum requirements shall be met at the time of final inspection:
      (1)   Positive grade away from the foundation of the structure;
      (2)   Splashblocks or extensions at the discharge point of all downspouts and sump pumps; and
      (3)   All disturbance shall be minimized. Essential land disturbance shall be controlled during construction in a manner consistent with the approved plan and the Standards and Specifications. Disturbance shall be stabilized prior to the removal of controls. If final grading, seeding, and mulching have not occurred prior to application for a use and occupancy certificate, then commitment to a “grading and seeding completion letter” shall be required.
   (C)   If, during any inspection, it is determined that any part of a tree is in an unsafe or dangerous condition, then that part of the tree shall be removed. If the entire tree is affected, it shall be removed in its entirety. If the hazardous condition is questionable, then the permittee shall employ a licensed arborist to inspect the tree and certify that the condition of the tree is not a hazard and is not expected to be a hazard in the foreseeable future.
   (D)   Sites shall be cleared of construction or land clearing debris. Any stumps left as a result of tree removal shall be removed from the site and disposed of in a licensed disposal site or ground in place.
   (E)   A reinspection fee may be charged for each inspection that is repeated due to the fact that the work pertaining to the requested inspection was not satisfactorily completed.
(2004 Code, § 121-33)  (Ord. 2012-09, passed 12-11-2012)