(A)   A site with an approved soil erosion and sediment control plan shall be inspected by the county  to ensure that sediment control measures are installed and effectively maintained in compliance with the approved plan and permit requirements. At a minimum, the permittee shall obtain inspection by the county at the following stages:
      (1)   Preconstruction meeting at site prior to installation of control measures;
      (2)   After the installation of sediment control measures or practices and prior to any other land disturbance;
      (3)   During the construction of sediment basins or SWM structures;
      (4)   Prior to the start of another phase of construction or opening of another grading unit;
      (5)   Prior to removal or modification of any sediment control measure or practice; and
      (6)   Upon completion of final grading, including established ground cover and planting, installation of all vegetative measures, and all other work in accordance with the approved plans.
   (B)   A written report shall be prepared by the inspection agency after every inspection. The report shall describe:
      (1)   The date and location of the site inspection;
      (2)   Whether the approved plan has been properly implemented and maintained;
      (3)   Practice deficiencies or erosion and sediment control plan deficiencies;
      (4)   If a violation exists, the type of enforcement action taken; and
      (5)   If applicable, a description of any modifications to the plan.
(2004 Code, § 121-32)  (Ord. 2012-09, passed 12-11-2012; Ord. 2018-10, passed 11-29-2018)