(A)   All soil erosion and sediment control plans shall meet the requirements of the Standards and Specifications.
   (B)   A developer shall prepare and submit a design for review and approval process for three different phases of project planning commonly identified as the concept, site development, and final plans for erosion and sediment control.
      (1)   Concept plan. The concept phase of project review and approval requires all the concept phase sediment control plan checklist items be addressed and at a minimum mapping of natural resources, vegetative buffer strips, highly erodible soils, and slopes 15% and steeper.
      (2)   Site development or preliminary subdivision plan.  The site development and preliminary plan shall address review agency comments on the concept plan in full, and include a narrative describing how erosion and sediment control will be integrated into the SWM strategy using ESD in accordance with the Design Manual. The plan must address all the construction drawing sediment control plan checklist items and show stormwater, erosion, and sediment control practices.
      (3)   Final plan (Mylars).  The final plan shall address all review agency comments related to the site development or preliminary subdivision plan. Final erosion and sediment control plans must at a minimum include the limit of disturbance, the location of each sediment control practice, associated construction notes, details, and sequence of construction.
(2004 Code, § 121-15)  (Ord. 2012-09, passed 12-11-2012; Ord. 2018-10, passed 11-29-2018)