§ 150.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   In addition to, and not in substitution for any other penalty provided herein, a person who violates any provision of §§ 150.20 through 150.41, or any regulation or order adopted or issued pursuant to this subchapter, is liable for a penalty not exceeding $1,000 per violation, which may be recovered in a civil action brought by the county. Each day a violation continues is a separate violation.
(2004 Code, § 115-15) 
   (B)   Any person who violates any provision of § 150.59 is guilty of an infraction punishable by a civil penalty not exceeding $100. Failure to comply with any provision of this right to farm notice and real estate transfer disclosure section shall not prevent the recording of any document, or the title to real property or any mortgage or deed of trust made in good faith or for value, and it shall not affect the application of this subchapter.
(2004 Code, § 173-5)
(Ord. 127, passed 12-2-1994; Ord. 98-4, passed 11-18-1998; Ord. 02-03, passed 3-14-2002; Ord. 02-18, passed 11-21-2002; Ord. 03-04, passed 1-30-2003; Ord. 04-05, passed 4-1-2004)