On or before July 1 of each year, the county shall submit to the State Department of Natural Resources, a report on:
   (A)   The number, location, and type of projects subject to the provisions of this subchapter;
   (B)   The amount and location of acres cleared, conserved, and planted in connection with a development project;
   (C)   The amount of fees and noncompliance penalties collected and expended;
   (D)   The costs of implementing the forest conservation program;
   (E)   Location and size of all forest mitigation banks approved during the past year with a description of the priority areas afforested or reforested by the bank;
   (F)   Number of acres debited from each forest mitigation bank since the last annual report;
   (G)   Forest mitigation banks inspected since the last annual report;
   (H)   The number, location, type of violation, and type of enforcement activity conducted in accordance with this subchapter; and
   (I)   To the extent practicable, the size and location of all conserved and planted forested areas submitted in an electronic geographic information system or computer-aided design format.
(2004 Code, § 115-18) (Ord. 98-4, passed 11-18-1998; Ord. 02-03, passed 3-14-2002; Ord. 03-04, passed 1-30-2003; Ord. 04-05, passed 4-1-2004; Ord. 2010-03, passed 4-1-2010; Ord. 2022-11, passed 8-25-2022)