(A)   The county may issue a stop work order against any person who violates any provision of this subchapter or any regulation, order, approved plan, or management agreement.
   (B)   In addition and not in substitution for any other penalty, a person who violates this subchapter, the regulations adopted under this subchapter, the forest conservation plan or any management agreement may be assessed a penalty of $0.30 per square foot of the area found to be in noncompliance. If the noncompliance is the clearing or cutting of trees, compliance shall be the reforestation of the area and procurement of a guaranty as required in § 150.31.
   (C)   The county may seek an injunction requiring the person to cease violation of this subchapter and take corrective action to restore, reforest, or afforest an area.
(2004 Code, § 115-15) (Ord. 98-4, passed 11-18-1998; Ord. 02-03, passed 3-14-2002; Ord. 03-04, passed 1-30-2003; Ord. 04-05, passed 4-1-2004; Ord. 2022-11, passed 8-25-2022) Penalty, see § 150.99