(A)   The purpose of the declaration of intent is to verify that the proposed activity is exempt under the provisions of § 150.21(B)(3), (4), (7), (12), and (14). A declaration of intent shall be signed by the property owner whenever such exemption is claimed and shall be recorded at the time of application for a grading permit.
   (B)   A declaration of intent runs with the land and shall bind any future purchasers of the property to the same extent as the original property owner.
   (C)   The existence of a declaration of intent does not preclude another exempted activity on the property subject to a declaration of intent, if the activity:
      (1)   Does not conflict with the purpose of any existing declaration of intent; and
      (2)   Complies with the applicable requirements for an exempted activity.
   (D)   If a regulated activity on the area covered by the declaration of intent occurs within seven years of the effective date of the declaration of intent, there shall be:
      (1)   An immediate loss of exemption; and
      (2)   An enforcement action taken by the county, as appropriate, under this subchapter.
   (E)   An applicant may apply for a regulated activity on that area of the property not covered under the declaration of intent if the requirements of this subchapter are satisfied.
   (F)   The county may require a person failing to file a declaration of intent or found in noncompliance with a declaration of intent to do any or all of the following:
      (1)   Meet the retention, afforestation, and reforestation requirements established in §§ 150.26, 150.27, 150.28, and 150.29;
      (2)   Pay a noncompliance fee, pursuant to the provisions of § 150.34, for each square foot of forest cut or cleared under the declaration of intent;
      (3)   Be subject to other enforcement actions appropriate under § 150.34; or
      (4)   File a declaration of intent with the county.
   (G)   In its determination of appropriate enforcement action, the county may consider whether failure to file a declaration of intent by a person required to file is a knowing violation of this subchapter.
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